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Purchased via private investment fund, Blair Arcade and The Blair Boutique Apartments include 66,000 SF of office / retail space and 91 apartments. The property is located on Selby Avenue between Western and Dale Avenues in the historic Cathedral Hill area of St. Paul. Our Studio completed a rebrand for both Blair Arcade and The Blair (FKA Hill Plaza Apartments). During the rebrand, our client coordinated, managed and completed major capital improvements to both the commercial and residential buildings. We worked closely with the team to ensure the brand and the improvements spoke the same language. 

For The Blair, our team was inspired by the art deco vibe inherent within Blair Arcade and the surrounding neighborhood. We were asked to deliver a brand that was in-line with the historic interior building aesthetic at Blair Arcade, both the old and the new, in a fashion that would better connect the retail and residential spaces. The result is a brand that is cool, hip, mod, and refresh(ed). The brand and interior design maintains and represents the rich history of the Cathedral Hill neighborhood (unit plans are named after revered streets in the area), and elements of art deco (the logo is a play on traditional stained glass), while adding a modern stylish twist. Colors and other brand elements were chosen in collaboration with the interior design team to ensure the brand vibe was consistent throughout the entire project - from pillows to signs, to digital ads.

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